About us

This website is based on the book Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social-Ecological Systems

This book provides an in-depth review of current knowledge around how resilience can be applied in the management of social-ecological systems and the ecosystem services they provide. It assesses and evaluates the evidence in support of various propositions that have been put forward as underlying principles for building resilience, discusses the practical application of these principles and lays out further research needs. The seven principles include: maintain diversity and redundancy; manage connectivity; manage slow variables and feedbacks; foster complex adaptive systems thinking; encourage learning; broaden participation; and promote polycentric governance. Written for researchers, lecturers, practitioners and graduate students, the book is of interest to all those working at the core of resilience science as well as those working in the broader fields of sustainability science, environmental management and governance.

Read more about the book here: http://www.cambridge.org/9781107082656

This website is produced by Stockholm Resilience Centre, an international centre that advances transdisciplinary research for governance of social-ecological systems with a special emphasis on resilience – the ability to deal with change and continue to develop.

The centre is a joint initiative between Stockholm University and the Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The centre is funded by the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra.

To find out more about resilience research, go to: www.stockholmresilience.su.se